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Sometimes it can be difficult to choose from two different career fields. Understanding what each of them entails is important in making your decision. Here is some information about two different unrelated career fields that you may already be interested in and some information about education.


Most estheticians work in beauty salons, spas, and resorts. They typically work with cosmetologists and massage therapists on a regular basis. In order to become a licensed esthetician there are certain steps you need to take beforehand. You must first attend an accredited school or enroll in a program that is accredited and receive your diploma. Typically you can receive diplomas and certificates to become an esthetician in trade schools or career colleges. You will be required to do a lot of coursework and also gain clinical experience. Many career colleges and trade schools give you the opportunity to intern at a beauty salon or spa to gain experience in the field.

In the required coursework and hands-on practice, you will be required to learn about facials, waxing, and facial massage. Once you have completed all of your coursework, you will be required to become licensed before you are allowed to practice your trade. Every state requires you become licensed the rules will vary depending on which state you live in so make sure you find out their specific requirements. Once you have received your license, you can then begin applying for jobs in the state in which you are licensed. Estheticians typically make about $30,000 a year but this varies from state to state.

Legal Career

Paralegals are responsible for supporting attorneys by performing a number of tasks such as file organization, legal research, and the drafting of documents. They work in many different organizations but primarily work for law firms, government agencies as well as departments in the corporate legal sector. This career field is in high demand and is an excellent way to learn more about laws and government. The need for paralegals is expected to jump 17% in the next ten years. Even though it is in high demand, you must be prepared for the competition. Here’s more about how to become a paralegal and where to get started.

If you are detail-oriented and intrigued by all things law related, then this is the career field for you. You must first earn your certificate or degree in Paralegal Studies. There are many colleges that provide Associate’s degree or certificate programs and many are even available online. Kaplan University Online offers a Legal Studies degree and have helped over 6,500 students achieve their dreams of becoming paralegals. After you have received your degree or certificate, it is now time to start looking at the job market and finding an internship. The salary for a paralegal is about $55,000 a year depending on experience.

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At the Crossroads between Education and Business

Many high school graduates have to make the decision about whether to pursue their career or continue with their education. For the first time in decades, a lower percentage of graduates are pursuing a college education. Experts believe this decline is due in part to financial hardship as more parents are struggling with unemployment. Now that refinancing mortgages is no longer an option for parents, many who would pay for college with these funds are no longer able to do so.

It isn’t just high school graduates who may find themselves at the crossroads between pursuing an education and venturing out into the business world. Adults who are stuck in a dead-end job with few or no options for advancement may start to look at what they can do to improve their situation in the future.

Basically, people in this situation have two options: They can look for a different type of employment or acquire the education they need for a better quality of employment. A variation on the first option is to start a home-based business of your own. While the business is still a start-up with few clients or responsibilities, you can retain the job you currently have and maintain your income.

One of the biggest advantages to starting a home-based business is that there are many that can be started with a minimal initial investment. Purchasing a few basic items may be all you need to start building your business. Determine what the bare essentials are that you will need and what your investment will be. If you require financing to get your equipment, look into those options as well. Although starting a home-based business is a necessity for some people, many find it a golden opportunity to make money doing something they really enjoy.

If your preference is to pursue your education, the same equipment you use for your home-based business can be used to take online courses and earn credit on your schedule. You may find that there are software programs that are inexpensive enough to stretch your budget while still providing you with all the features you need. Many universities offer online credit, degree and certification programs and also offer financial aid. The flexible schedule lets you study when it’s convenient for you so that you can still work while you get an education.

Making the choice between working and getting an education is never easy at any age or phase of your life. Today, there are more options that make it easier to determine the best path for you and the resources to help you achieve your goals. Look at the industries that offer the greatest potential job growth in the future for the best job security to guide you regardless of which path you take.

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Five Ways To Stay Healthy While Working Remotely

If you are like millions of other people unsatisfied with a regular nine-to-five, then you probably work from your home or another location instead of the typical office cubicle. A rising number of people are leaving the traditional workforce, choosing instead to work for themselves and build businesses. And with the incentives it offers, who can blame them? No more having to drive or catch a bus to work, no more having to worry about downsizing or pay cuts, and a far greater degree of personal freedom are some extremely motivating reasons for this change.

Along with the benefits, working remotely also brings its own set of challenges to the table. One of the most important issues to consider is maintaining your health. Little things that seem inconsequential or go unnoticed can affect your health over time, both physically and mentally. Consider these Five ways to stay healthy while working remotely.

1. Make sure you have the right chair. While going about your tasks, you will likely be sitting for some time. It would be easy to choose your favorite plush recliner as your “office chair,” but this would actually work against you. Recliners won’t help you keep proper back posture, and sitting there for too long will not do your back and neck any favors – especially if you constantly have to lean forward to reach your computer. Go for a chair that is ergonomically designed for your spine.

2. Eat healthy. Now that you’re spending more time at home, you’ll be considering raiding the fridge for that chocolate cake from last night or keeping plenty of potato chips on hand for lunch. Instead, keep some healthy food options on hand. Fruits and vegetables make much better snacks than chips and candy bars. Eating right will help you keep your performance levels high, meaning that you can get more work done.

3. Take care of your eyes. Looking at a computer screen for long periods of time can be bad for your eyes. It is a good idea to give your eyes a five minute break for every hour that you spend in front of the screen to avoid overworking them. Find something less intense for your eyes to focus on, or even close them to give them a rest.

4. Set boundaries. You don’t want to try to work in places where family members or roommates will frequent. Keep your work area separated from the rest of the home, with a door that you can shut. Constantly trying to sort out your work from everything else can stress you out – and stress is no good for you, professionally or personally.

5. Set your “office hours.” You would be surprised at how easy it can be to work longer than you should – whether it’s because you have a project that absolutely must be finished, or you just feel on a roll. Set a time for work and a time to “clock out” and be done for the day. Allowing your work to dominate your personal life is unhealthy, so make sure that you draw the line and stick to it.

Working remotely does require effort and attention, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. But by keeping yourself healthy, you’ll see plenty of benefits in your work and in your everyday life.

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Little Lives Big Rewards

Deciding what you want to do for a living can be a big task. It is very important to know what your passions are before you make that step into new schooling or a new career. Most students long to do something inspiring and rewarding as a career. There are many choices when it comes to fulfilling career choices, but there is one that stands out above all of the rest and that is a pediatrician. There is nothing more rewarding than having the health and well-being of a child in your hands. Here is a bit more information about becoming a pediatrician.

A pediatrician is a medical professional who is responsible for the health and wellness care of children under the age of 18. They are responsible for the physical, emotional, and mental well-beings of a child. From a regular yearly check up to a child with a serious illness, a pediatrician is responsible for it all. A pediatrician has the potential to make over $150,000 a year with the proper training and experience. If you have your own practice, you could very well make more than that.

This is a very rewarding career field because it allows you to work with some of the most fragile people in the world. There is nothing more special than taking care of a child. Before you can do that you will need to obtain your Bachelor’s degree and then apply to medical school. You will be required to take your MCAT exam before you can enroll into medical school. Once you obtain your medical degree, you will need to do an internship at a local hospital or doctor’s office to prepare yourself for running your own pediatric practice.

What many students do not get to see firsthand is that even though there is nothing more rewarding than providing medical care for children, it can be a very stressful job as well. Emergencies arise that not always easy to do handle on a personal level. It can become very emotional especially if a child is really ill or has a terminal disease. One of the biggest parts of being a pediatrician is being able to provide the best medical care possible without allowing emotions to get in the way. This can be very difficult, especially if you have children of your own. However, the rewards definitely outweigh the stresses and pressures.

There are a number of different rewarding professions out there but none of them could be more rewarding than becoming a pediatrician. Children are precious and deserve the best medical care possible. If you are able to provide that for them, you have given them the greatest gift of all.

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Engineering The Perfect Future

Choosing a career can be tough no matter what your interests are. But what if your interests lie with two great high paying careers? It makes the choice more difficult doesn’t it? The good thing is there are many resources online that you can use to find out more about the many different career choices that are available to you. Knowing more about the colleges and universities as well as about salary and details regarding the job. I have come up with a few options for you below loaded with lots of information to help you decide.

So what is a petroleum engineer responsible for? Natural gas and crude oil are two of our primary energy sources. A petroleum engineer is responsible for to refine these resources and extract them. Energy is a topic many are concerned with so the individuals responsible for this job have an amazing challenge ahead of them. Nonetheless, it can be quite a rewarding career. Becoming a petroleum engineer is tough but fulfilling and in high demand.

This career requires a very intense and long-term education plan to choosing the right school is crucial. Some of the top colleges in the nation offer petroleum engineering as an option. Most of them are in the state of Texas due to the ability to drill oil there. Texas A&M University and University of Texas at Austin are two of the many schools that offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the subject. Petroleum engineers need to be well educated in order to keep up with the changing times. Texas A&M is one of the top petroleum engineering schools in the country and even offers a PhD program. Their goal is to produce at least 200 hundred qualified petroleum engineering graduates a year and to provide those students with the best education that the field has to offer.

A petroleum engineer has the potential to make $160,000 a year with the right experience and education. It is such a high-paying career choice due to how specialized it is. Only about 1,000 students will graduate this year with a degree in petroleum engineering. More than 40,000 of the world’s petroleum engineers will be retired in the next 10 years. This makes the need for petroleum engineers to go up tremendously.

Petroleum engineering is a rewarding career with many opportunities to travel the country and even the world. It is a highly skilled field that requires a lot of hard work and dedication but with the right student anything can be accomplished. The world is always going to need oil so the need for petroleum engineers will only grow over time as we continue to discover new sources. Make sure you do your research to find out if this is the right career for you.

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Shooting for Free

Guns are fascinating. Such devices, at times, pack with them so great a power to put own an elephant, one of the biggest animals there is. How are they able to generate such power? Do they follow a specific design during their manufacture or is it just random? Well, if you are one of those people who are fascinated with guns and how they work, you surely will find intriguing and fun to learn of the process employed to get such powerful devices that can be used for good or evil.

For this; however, you will have to attend training in school just like with other courses. However, not all universities and learning institutions have made the gunsmithing course available to the public. As such, you will have to do some research before you can get an institution that provides that particular training. To set you in the right track, the following are some off the top schools that you can look into.

Colorado School of Trades

Gunsmithing is one of the major trading of this institution. It has provided training in this field since the year 1947 and offers intricate information concerning how one can customize the firearm, fashion gun parts and operate the mills and lathes. The school has one of kind instructors who are well versed in the art and who are more than willing to pass it on to you. Throughout the course you will learn different things but the most important thing is that you will be able to repair and customize a firearm when you are done.

Lassen community College

This is one of the few colleges that offer an associate’s degree in the repair of firearms as well as in the general science involved in gunsmithing. These two certifications will ensure that one gets a hand on experience that they will need to build a successful career for themselves.

And just like many other professional courses, scholarships are available for those who are looking to undertake gunsmithing training and are needy. The following are some of the top scholarships that you can take advantage of if you are one of such people.

The American Indians committee is a scholarship that is offered to Native Americans. It is intended to help the Native American students regardless of their age, tribe and state to acquire an education – even in gunsmithing. The scholarship is awarded depending on the financial need of the student and his/her academic achievement.

The other scholarship that you may take advantage of is the Anne Tevarthen Memorial Scholarship that is awarded to students based on their good character and scholastic standing. It is a one-time scholarship that is awarded to students leaving high school and set to attend the William and Mary College in Williamsburg. With a little bit more research, you will be sure to get many more scholarships.

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Top Schools: Are They Worth It?

The cost of studying for occupational will be dependent on the size of the school and also whether the school is public or private. You will find that in some of the universities like the Loma Linda University which is a private university, the cost of a three-year masters in occupational therapy is about $79,560.

While in a public university like the University of St. Augustine For Health Sciences the academic year costs about $11,150 per trimester. Before you are allowed to undertake a masters in this course you have to be a graduate from an accredited university by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. You will find that it is quite difficult for one to get a slot to study for masters.

For instance in a university like Samuel Merritt University, there are over 150 applications but they only accept around 36 students. In Colorado State University, they receive about 400 applications every year but they accept only 15 to 22 students for masters. Some of the things that you should have covered before you enroll for masters include; anatomy and physiological, human anatomy among others. This programs are a perquisite to the national board for certification therapy.

For those who decide to pursue veterinary course, the cost of the program will depend on factors like whether you are a resident or not. For instance the cost of a doctor of veterinary medicine is about $28,000 to $54,000 per year for residents and they include the cost of tuition. For non-residents, it is about $41,000-$66,000. You will therefore find that it is expensive for the non-residents. This can be quite expensive, which is why you should ensure that you have enough funds to cover your studies.

When you also choose to join a private school, the costs are much higher than those for public schools. This course will take 4 years and therefore you will need a good financial plan so that you will be able to complete the course smoothly. There are also some additional costs that are involved like the residence if you are not from within, books and meals and this translates to a much higher fee. Always compare the different study options and make sure that you choose the right option for you.

You can however get government loans, or you can join through sports scholarship and others will sort out their fees through private loans. There are also some examination costs that you have to pay like the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination that costs about $550. There are also many other additional costs that are involved in the study of Veterinary Sciences.

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The Cost of Striking Out On Your Own

Estheticians are people who are trained on skin are treatments such as facials, waxing and also cosmetology. There are also some advanced skin care process that require one to undergo a training after which they are awarded a license of practice, like laser treatments and many more.

To start your own esthetician business, there are some things that you will have to put into consideration: first, you will need a license to operate the business. This license is mandatory for all business and there is also the professional license that you will also be required to have to that you can be allowed to practice. A business permit will also be required so that you can either be able to account for taxation. You will also need to set-up the business and some of the things that you will have to consider are location, the nature of the job either skin care, massage, spas and many more.

You can also create niche for your premise by using wither fresh scented candles, organic treatment and many more. From there, you will also need to alert the people around you that you are offering the services. This will require marketing but it will definitely help to grow your business and boost your profits. You can do so through proper customer packages and relationships, building a steady stream of returning customers for your business. A website will also be a good way that you can sell yourself out to the world. Also on social media, you can be able to create and cover a good number of markets for your business. These are some of the costs that you will incur to start your esthetic business.

For a fresh music production graduate, the annual salary will be dependent on the organization that employs you. You will find that there are even some of the producers who make millions. However, in this industry school training alone is not enough. You will need to sell yourself out by standing out apart from the rest. You have to be unique so that you can get the attention of the people. This is what will allow you to become successful and continue to grow your business.

In this line of work, it is good that you venture into self-employment and then make sure that you have the right gear so that you can be able to offer quality services to people. You can also sign contracts with some of the recording companies so that you can be taking care of their production related jobs and that will get you into your feet in no time.

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Careers and Their True Worth

It is everyone’s dream to study in the best engineering schools in the world so that they can get the best credentials for the job market. For the students who are interested in petroleum engineering in the USA, there are some schools that one can join.

Some of the best schools that are offering petroleum engineering are:

Stanford University in California

Everyone would like to know about various career options that would help them to earn once they complete schooling. Here is basic information about some of the sought after career prospects: Ultrasound Technicians and Phlebotomist.

Ultrasound Technicians are those that use x-rays so that they can be able to tell the structure of out bones and other internal organs and detect anomalies if any. Annually, on average, an ultrasound technician earns about $65,000 and that makes it $21.63 per hour. The lowest paid technicians earn according to statistics earn about $44,000 in a year and that’s translate to about $21.62 per hour.

There are also some higher amounts than that with the highest being $90,640 annually and it translates to $43.58 hourly. All other health care practitioners apparently earn about $72,730 and that is around $34.97 per hour. This makes their salaries higher than those who are in Ultrasound section whose mean salaries range around $45,230. With the increase in the cost of living and salaries are still stagnant soon there is going to be a deficit in some of the workers income due to loans so that they can be able to cover some extra costs. One will be forced to get loans and in turn they end up accumulating debts.

Phlebotomist are people who are trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medicating testing, donations or research. According to research done by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Phlebotomists do earn an average of $29.730 per year. However, those who venture in private sector especially for self-employment they tend to make more money. You will also find that for those who work in larger cities, and those who work in diagnostic laboratories are paid more than those who work in hospitals or offices. It has also been known that for phlebotomists who have graduated with honors always get more than those who merely have certification from job training with no certificate or diploma.

They often work from Mondays to Friday and hourly rates will vary from place to place. 90% of phlebotomists earn about $20.48 hourly translating to $42,600 in a year. It is good that the salaries of this professionals be revised as the cost of living will result to loans, bankruptcy and also recurring debts for quite some time. When choosing a career, it is good that you go through some of the research that has been done on how the previous people who have been in the industry are earning.

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What Can Take You Higher!

Deciding to get a credit card can be a big decision for anyone. The hardest part of it is keeping up with your credit score and knowing what kind of credit you actually deserve. Many individuals try and apply for credit cards and then wonder why they get turned down or why they were given such a high interest rate. It is extremely important to know what your credit score means and what range you are in. This number can impact a number of important decisions in your life so it is crucial to know what it means and how to improve it. There is no need to give up just yet. You must also understand what net worth is and how it can negatively impact your credit.

Credit card companies do not want to give a credit card to someone who cannot pay their monthly bill. So having a good credit score is important if you want to be offered a credit card with a good interest rate. A credit score is determined by weighing out different aspects of a credit rating such as amount of credit history, number of different credit inquiries, years with credit history, and so on.

If you do not have the best credit there may be some options available for you. Your best bet is to start out with a secured credit card if you have bad credit. This will help to reestablish your credit and if you make timely payments even give you the opportunity to obtain an unsecured card. Credit card companies such as Capital One and First Premier Bank both offer secured card options for their customers with the option to move up to an unsecured credit card with six months of on time payments. Both of these cards have low annual fees and report to all credit agencies.

You may also want to calculate what your net worth is. Bad credit can negatively impact what your net worth especially if you are not paying on your debt regularly. Your net worth consists of all of your assets such as finances, properties you own, bank accounts, stocks and bonds, savings, and etc. The more that you have saved and the more that you have put back in savings reflects highly on you as a credit worthy customer. Individuals with bad credit may have a difficult time keeping their net worth up due to all of the past debts they are paying off. If this sounds like you it is definitely time to talk to a financial advisor.

If you have bad credit it is not the end of the world but you need to make sure you take action immediately to repair the damage. This will increase your net worth and keep you debt free and happy.

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